Chris Kern has been shooting digital with Nikon equipment for the last 18 years.
Before this he was a film photographer shooting with Pentax equipment, and developing his own film.

Chris'current line-up consists of

Camera bodies:
Nikon D300

Nikkor Lenses
Sigma Lenses

Manfrotto Tripods

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Chris Kern

An untrained photographer currently based out of Krakow who loves to click, cook & sometimes travel.

Hi, I’m Chris
I’m just a normal guy with a camera.
Ive never been trained in Photography, its just something I enjoy.
Photography for me started out as a way of capturing memories. After receiving many compliments about my eye for framing, I decided one day to take them seriously, and went from a compact film camera to a SLR.
I never looked back. At one point in time, I was developing my own film, and when the digital age came around, I bought a Nikon D70. Since then, I upgraded once, and have shot with a D300 for the last 8 years. For me the camera has always
been adequate – what I’m never satisfied with is my pursuit of the perfect image.
Something that sums up the real feeling, emotion and passion of a moment completely. I’m always looking for that moment in life – with or without the camera. Its what drives me.

Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to look.

If you like what you see here, please leave me your comments. I’d love to hear from you.
Clients:  Various
Industry:  Fashion, Food, Motor Sports, Lifestyle, Travel


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