Its been many a year that I have’nt posted anything on this site, and I thought it was about time it got a make over.

For a long time I was looking for the right look and feel for the site, and I still wanted it to retain some of its old charm, but to pull it kicking and screaming into the modern era of the Net 2.0.

I’m still not sure if I succeeded or not, but one thing I did succeed in, was to start from scratch. If youre looking for the old images I had on the blog in the past, well – most of them have gone, and will never return.

When I took a long hard look at the site a few months back, I came to the conclusion that I posted a lot of rubbish in my quest for a picture a day, and this is no longer the focus of the site.

The new site is now focused on more of the quality and posting something special. There is so much media available these days that the internet has become a dumping ground for any and every type of photo from any source (mobile phone, tablet, camera) The amount of data we produce on a yearly basis is simply staggering and I have no wish to add to it.

So for now the site, and the blog will be a showcase of my work, and nothing more.

So I encourage you to enjoy what I post, as I am proud of it.